Sarah Pleuger

Thesis title: Pastoralist Multispecies Communities in Eastern Mongolia and Beyond. Case Studies from the Gobi and the Altai - a Holistic Approach (current working title).


2017 M.A. Prehistoric and Protohistoric Archaeology, Kiel University

2014 B.A. Prehistoric and Protohistoric Archaeology, History of Art, Kiel University

Responsibilities & affiliations

UoE One Health Archaeology Research Group, co-convener

Gerda Henkel Foundation, Fellow

Association of Asian Studies, Member

Research summary

I am fundamentally fascinated by the variety of multispecies communities sharing domestic and non-domestic spheres. As an alternative blueprint to many culturally estranged human-livestock- relationships in global food industries, I am particularly focused on multispecies pastoralist communities. Particularly mobile pastoralism has enabled herders and herds of the present and the past to actively share their domestic sphere - often in environments that remains inaccessible for other modes of subsistence.  My PhD project uses bioarchaeological methods to investigate early pastoralism in Eastern Mongolia. Further, I am currently involved in zooarchaeological projects in other parts of Mongolia, Denmark, Serbia and the Altai.

Project activity

Dornod Mongol Survey Project, Team Member

Rise of Altai Mountain Pastoralism Project (RAMPP), Team Member

Western Mongolia Archaeology Project, Team Member

Project Borđoš, Team Member

Current project grants

Gerda Henkel Foundation - PhD Scholarship
McMillan Award
Wenner Gren Foundation - Dissertation Field Work Grant

Past project grants

2021/2022 McMillan Award
2021 NEIF (National Environmental Isotope Facility) Grant (supervised by Robin Bendrey)
2015 PROMOS Short Term Scholarship, Deutscher Archäologischer Austauschdienst

Conference details

13th ICAZ (International Council for Archaeozoology), International Conference, Ankara, Turkey 2nd-7th September 2018

Papers delivered

"Pastoralist Multispecies Communities and their Social Spaces. Case studies from the Zagros and the Gobi." (with Robin Bendrey, TAG43 2022 Edinburgh)

"Of Sea and Of Land: Diverse animal exploitation strategies used by Neolithic Pitted Ware groups along the southwestern Baltic coast" (ICAZ 2018 Ankara)

"Pitted Ware Neolithic Fish Bones of Kainsbakke and Kirial Bro Faunal Analysis & Stable δ¹³C & δ¹⁵N Isotope Data" (Aarhus 2017)

In the press

"A close co-existence of humans and animals"