Professor Robert Anderson (MA DPhil FRSE FRSA)

Professor Emeritus in History


I retired from the University in 2007. Born in Cardiff, I was an undergraduate at Oxford University, and took my doctoral degree there at St Antony's College. My first job was at Glasgow University, I moved to Edinburgh as a lecturer in the History Department in 1969, and was appointed to a personal chair of Modern History in 1994.

Responsibilities & affiliations

External appointments

I am a member of the editorial board of the journal History of Universities and a UK representative on the Commission Internationale pour l'Histoire des Universités.

Research summary

I have published extensively on the history of education, in Scotland and elsewhere. My latest books are European Universities from the Enlightenment to 1914 (2004) and British Universities Past and Present (2006). I took part in the European Science Foundation programme 'Representations of the Past: National Histories in Europe', and I continue to work in the fields of university history and historiography, with an underlying interest in questions of national identity.  I am a member of the editorial board of the journal History of Universities.


  • Britain & Ireland
  • Europe
  • Scotland


  • Society


  • Nineteenth Century
  • Twentieth Century & After

Current research interests

My recent research activity has had four aspects. (1) My book European Universities from the Enlightenment to 1914 published in 2004 was probably my most wide-ranging book, and has been translated into Japanese. It has consolidated my international profile, and the European perspective lies behind much of my research. (2) My book British Universities Past and Present (2006) also led to various invitations to conferences, and to writing on current university problems, e.g. on the History and Policy website, and for the IPPR and Pearson thinktanks. (3) I continue to pursue issues arising from my longstanding research on Scottish education, including recent articles on university centenaries, university finance, the school backgrounds of students, and a chapter on universities and national identity in the Edinburgh History of Education in Scotland, of which I was a joint editor. (4) I was a member of the collaborative international project financed by the European Science Foundation on Representations of the Past: National Histories in Europe. The volume containing my contribution was published in 2015. This stimulated my interest in the institutional context of historiography, and I published three articles on university history teaching in Scotland. It also led to an interest in the history of examinations, and through that to research, leading to two articles (2019 and 2020) on the scientist and politician Lyon Playfair. I do not have a major research project at present, but contribute book reviews, reports and conference papers in the fields of university history and historiography. An underlying interest is the relation of these fields to questions of national identity.


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