Rev Dr Michael Fuller (MA, DPhil, FISSR, FHEA)

Lecturer in Science and Religion


I originally studied chemistry, taking a doctorate for work in the field of synthetic organic chemistry, before studying theology, and being ordained. I spent time in parish ministry, and in training candidates for ministry in the Scottish Episcopal Church, joining the Science and Religion team at New College in 2014.

I have published widely in this area, writing a book, journal articles and book chapters, and editing more than ten volumes of essays.

In addition to work in the field of science and religion I have a long-standing interest in exploring theological themes in literature, and in music.




MA, Chemistry (University of Oxford, 1989)

DPhil, Chemistry (University of Oxford, 1989)

BA, Theology (University of Cambridge, 1991)

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy since 2010

Fellow of the International Society for Science and Religion since 2016

Responsibilities & affiliations

I am Vice-President for Publications of the European Society for the Study of Science and Theology, a Fellow of the International Society for Science and Religion, and a past Chair of the Science and Religion Forum. I am a member of the International Advisory Board of the Centre for the Study of the Relationship between Science and Religion (CePOZiR) of the Faculty of Philosophy and Religious Studies at the University of Zagreb, Croatia, and I am an Honorary Canon of St Mary’s Cathedral, Edinburgh.

Undergraduate teaching

Science and Christian Theology

Theology and Contemporary Science

Postgraduate teaching

History of Science and Religion

Key Thinkers in Science and Religion

Science and Religion in Literature

Cosmos, Cell and Creator

Matter, Mind and Spirit

Open to PhD supervision enquiries?


Research summary

My current research interests range over topics in the history of science and religion, the phenomenon of ‘big data’ and its (mis)uses, and changing aesthetics in the staging of opera. Some recent papers and book chapters include: 

‘Radical Plurality: Science and religion in the writings of Karel Čapek’, in M. Fuller (ed.), Science and Religion in Western Literature: Critical and Theological Studies (Routledge, 2023), pp. 57-75.

‘Unique? Scientific constraints around theological anthropology’, in M. Fuller and D. Jasper (eds.), Made in the Image of God: Essays on religious anthropology (Sacristy Press, 2021), pp. 155-173.

‘Science and Religion in a Global Context’, Routledge International Handbook of Religion in a Global Society (2021).

'Redemption in Wagner: The case of Senta', The Wagner Journal, vol. 14 no. 1 (March 2020), pp. 4-15.

‘Sciences and Truths: A Theologian’s View’, in D. Jasper and J. Wright (eds.), Truth and the Church in a Secular Age (SCM Press 2019), pp. 162-176.

'Big Data and the Facebook Scandal: Issues and Responses', Theology, vol. 122 no. 1 (Jan-Feb 2019), pp. 14-21.

‘Why Should Anyone Care About the Science-and-Religion Debate?’, in Mark Harris and Duncan Pritchard (eds.), Philosophy, Science and Religion for Everyone (Routledge 2017), pp. 105-115.

'Big Data, Ethics and Religion: New dilemmas from a new science', Religions, Vol. 8 (May 2017)

'Into Terra Incognita: Charting beyond Peter Harrison’s "The Territories of Science and Religion"’, Zygon, vol. 51 no. 3 (September 2016), pp. 729-741.

'Religion and the Brain: What can science tell us about God?', Modern Believing, vol. 57 no. 2 (2016), pp. 163-173.

'Big Data: New science, new challenges, new dialogical opportunities', Zygon, vol. 50 no. 3 (September 2015), pp. 569-582.

'Liturgy, Scripture and Resonance in the Operas of James MacMillan', New Blackfriars, vol. 96 no. 1064 (July 2015), pp. 381-390.

Recent books I have edited include:

Nature – and Beyond: Transcendence and Immanence in Science and Theology (Springer, 2020) (with Dirk Evers, Anne Runehov, Knut-Willy Saether and Bernard Michollet).

Are We Special? Human Uniqueness in Science and Theology (Springer, 2017) (with Dirk Evers, Anne Runehov and Knut-Willy Saether).

Do Emotions Shape the World? (Springer, 2016) (with Dirk Evers, Anne Runehov and Knut-Willy Saether).

What is Life? (Springer, 2015) (with Dirk Evers, Antje Jackelén and Knut-Willy Saether).