Reham Almabadi, PhD student , UoE

Thesis title: Developing a self management based intervention for young people with sickle cell disease in Saudi Arabia.

PHD Nursing studies

Year of study: 3

  • King Saud University
  • The University of Edinburgh

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University of Edinburgh, Room 1B32,
5 Forrest Hill, Edinburgh

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MSc in Advanced Nursing ScienceĀ 

BSc in Nursing Science

Responsibilities & affiliations

Teaching Assistant , King Saud University

Research summary

Self-management of sickle cell disease.

Current research interests

Developing self-management interventions for young adults with sickle cell disease in Saudi Arabia.

Past research interests

How effective is cognitive behavioural therapy in helping paediatric with sickle cell disease to manage chronic pain, improve their ability to cope and enhance their quality of life?