Ramon Grima


2000    B. Sc (Hons), Physics and Pure Mathematics, University of Malta, Malta

2002    M.A. Physics, University of Virginia, USA 2005    Ph.D Physics, Arizona State University, USA

2005-2006    Postdoctoral Fellow, School of Informatics, Indiana University, US

2006-2008    Mathematical Institute Fellow, Imperial College London

2008-present    Lecturer, University of Edinburgh

Undergraduate teaching

Quantification in Life Sciences (Course Director)

Structures and Functions of Proteins

Research summary


Most studies of stochastic biochemical phenomena in the literature are typically addressed via simulations; we take a different approach by developing novel approximate analytical methods which are in many cases computationally more efficient than simulations and which offer a global picture of the dynamics under study. A few approaches we have developed include novel forms of rate equations and chemical langevin equations to deal with conditions characterized by low to intermediate molecule numbers, and a novel form of the chemical master equation which is valid in non-well mixed crowded conditions. Other topics of interest include the development of rigorous methods to obtain low-dimensional descriptions of large reaction networks.