Professor Matthew Novenson

Professor of Biblical Criticism and Biblical Antiquities


Matthew V. Novenson is Professor of Biblical Criticism and Biblical Antiquities at the University of Edinburgh, where he is also director of the Centre for the Study of Christian Origins. He has been visiting professor at Dartmouth College and Duke University and visiting research fellow at the University of Cambridge and University of Durham. He is the author of Christ among the Messiahs (Oxford University Press, 2012), The Grammar of Messianism (Oxford University Press, 2017), and Paul, Then and Now (Eerdmans, 2022), and editor of Monotheism and Christology in Greco-Roman Antiquity (Brill, 2020) and The Oxford Handbook of Pauline Studies (Oxford University Press, 2022).



Responsibilities & affiliations

Director, Centre for the Study of Christian Origins

Associate Editor, New Testament Studies

Co-editor, Edinburgh Studies in Religion in Antiquity

Co-Chair, Pauline Epistles Section, Society of Biblical Literature

Co-Chair, Paul Seminar, British New Testament Society

Undergraduate teaching

Introductory Biblical Hebrew

Introductory New Testament Greek

Intermediate New Testament Greek

Paul and His Letters

Second Temple Judaism (Honours)

New Testament Texts (Honours)

New Testament Themes (Honours)

Studies in the Apostle Paul (Honours)

New Testament Christology (Honours)

The New Testament and Graeco-Roman Culture (Honours)

Postgraduate teaching

Approaches to Research in Biblical Studies

Selected Topics in Biblical Studies

New Testament Exegesis

Ancient Jewish, Christian, and Pagan Texts

The New Testament in Its Graeco-Roman Context

Ancient Mediterranean Religions

Open to PhD supervision enquiries?


Current PhD students supervised

Charles Cisco, Freedom and slavery in Paul's Letter to the Galatians

Manse Rim, Messiah and righteousness in the letters of Paul

Daniel Lam, Deified humans in ancient Judaism

Jared Hay, Immediate postmortem existence in Paul, John of Patmos, and Luke

Geon Kang, The law in the messianic age

Daniel Mikkelsen, The resurrrection of the flesh

Zac McNeal, Paul at Nag Hammadi

Naomi Reiss, Incarceration in early Christian texts

Daisy Andoh, Messianism and justice in the Apocalypse of John

Fangzhou Song, Christology in the Epistle of Barnabas

Kendall Davis, Messianism in Luke-Acts

Past PhD students supervised

Jay Thomas Hewitt, Jewish messianism and "in Christ" in Paul

Bernardo Cho, Messianism and the priesthood in the Gospel of Mark

Daniel Jackson, Glory in Paul's Letter to the Romans

Benjamin Petroelje, Ephesians and the formation of the corpus Paulinum

Sydney Tooth, The eschatologies of 1 and 2 Thessalonians

Brian Bunnell, The kingdom of God in the earliest Christian texts

Patrick McMurray, Sacrifice in Paul's letter to the Romans

Sofanit Abebe, 1 Enoch and 1 Peter on apocalyptic space and time

Ryan Collman, Circumcision in the letters of Paul

Matthew Sharp, Divination in the letters of Paul

Alex Muir, Paul and Seneca on consolation

Research summary

My research interests span ancient Mediterranean religions, but especially Judaism and Christianity in the Greco-Roman world. I have worked, and continue to work, on the letters of Paul, early Christology, Jewish messianic movements, comparison in the study of religions, and hermeneutics in biblical interpretation. I supervise postgraduate research in all of these subfields, and I invite prospective postgraduate students to contact me by email.

More information about Professor Novenson's research projects is available on his Edinburgh Research Explorer profile.

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More information about Professor Novenson's research projects is available on his Edinburgh Research Explorer profile

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