Professor Dusan Uhrin

Chair of NMR Spectroscopy

Research summary

NMR spectroscopy, NMR methodology development, complex mixtures analysis

Research Overview

New NMR Methodology

Using 60 to 800 MHz NMR spectrometers, many equipped with CryoProbesTM, we are developing liquid-state NMR methodology for diverse branches of science. In particular, we work on increasing the sensitivity of NMR spectroscopy. Recent application of our SHARPER NMR concetp9,1,2 has seen up to 30-fold sensitivity improvement of benchtop NMR.1

Complex Mixtures

The structure elucidation of compounds contained within complex mixtures is a challenging task. We study various mixtures such as those fund in the environment, living organisms or food and beverages, e.g. Scotch whisky.5,6,8 Using metabolomics approaches,4 we collaborate with colleagues in biology, agriculture and medicine.

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