Professor David Jasper

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David Jasper was, until 2017, Professor of Literature and Theology at the University of Glasgow, and Distinguished Overseas Professor at Renmin University of China, Beijing. Teaching for many years in the field of theology and the arts he held visiting fellowships in the University of Iowa and the University of Sydney, and in 2007 was awarded an honorary doctorate in theology by the University of Uppsala, Sweden. His trilogy of books, The Sacred Desert (2004), The Sacred Body (2009) and The Sacred Community (2012) is the subject of collection of critical essays, edited by Andrew Hass, entitled Sacred Modes of Being in a Postsecular World (Cambridge University Press, 2021). He continues to publish in the field of religion and literature and his recent books include Heaven in Ordinary: Poetry and Religion in a Secular Age (2018), The Language of Liturgy: A Ritual Poetics (2018), and Literature and Religion: A Dialogue between China and the West (2020), written with Ou Guang-an of Shihezi University, China. He is currently working on a study of the medieval poem known as The Lay Folks’ Mass Book with Professor Jeremy Smith, also of the University of Glasgow.