Professor Anita C Jones

Professor of Molecular Photophysics

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Room 260
University of Edinburgh
Joseph Black Building
David Brewster Road

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Research summary

Photophysics and photochemistry, time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy, fluorescent nucleic base analogues, DNA conformation and interactions, applications of fluorescence in detection and sensing, use of photonic crystal fibres as optofluidic systems

Research Overview

The research in my group is concerned with the study of molecular photophysics and photochemistry, and the development and application of fluorescence techniques. Much of our research is interdisciplinary and involves collaboration with biologists, physicists and engineers. Current projects include:

  • Probing DNA conformation and DNA-enzyme interactions, using time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy.
  • Use of 2-aminopurine, a fluorescent isomer of adenine, as a probe of electronic energy transfer in DNA.
  • Photophysics of new fluorescent nucleic base analogues.
  • Development of optofluidic systems, based on photonic crystal fibre, for ultrasensitive luminescence detection of singlet oxygen.
  • Fluorescence properties of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs): pressure-induced effects and optical sensing applications.


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