Prerita Agarwal (PCDS, EGRS)


MPhil in Environment Science & Sustainable Development

M.Sc. Environment Management

Undergraduate teaching

  1. Tutor and Demonstrator- Earth’s Atmospheric Composition, School of GeoSciences, The University of Edinburgh, Jan’2020- Present
  2. Demonstrator- Meteorology: Weather and Climate, School of GeoSciences, The University of Edinburgh, Jan’2020- Present

Current research interests

Simulating Carbonaceous aerosols using Weather Research and forecasting model coupled with chemistry with a focus on probing the role of Black carbon particles in modifying atmospheric stability over the Indian region.
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  2. Sharma, S.K., Agarwal, P., Mandal, T.K., Karapurkar, S.G., Shenoy, D.M., Peshin, S.K., Gupta, A., Saxena, M., Jain, S. and Sharma, A., 2017. Study on Ambient Air Quality of Megacity Delhi, India During Odd–Even Strategy. MAPAN, 32(2), pp.155-165 doi:10.1007/s12647-016-0201-5.
  1. Agarwal, P, Jose, S., Singh, S.-"Estimation of carbonaceous aerosol emissions from biomass burning and its vertical distribution over the Northern Indian region" poster presented at Sao Paulo School of Advanced Science on Atmospheric Aerosols, held at the University of São Paulo
  2. Agarwal, P., Mhawish, A., Banerjee, T. - Ground-based aerosol optical and microphysical properties over South Asia: Aerosol climatology and recent trends orally presented at The National Symposium on Understanding Weather and Climate Variability: Research for Society, Indian Meteorological Society-TROPMET, Varanasi