Chao-Chi Hsu

PhD Student - History


Master of Arts (History), National Taiwan University, 2012

Bachelor of Business Administration (Accounting), National Taiwan University, 2008

Research summary

I work on early modern intellectual history, focusing mainly on the seventeenth century and on the political and religious issues of the early Stuart Kings.

Current research interests

I am currently working on my doctoral thesis: ‘The Freedom and Authority of Conscience: Religion and Politics in the Thought of Lord Herbert of Cherbury (1582-1648)’. Herbert , a diplomat, philosopher, and historian, is a long misunderstood person. In the eighteenth century he was labelled as ‘the father of English deism’, and as a result, the attention of most previous scholars has been directed to his religious thought, while research on other aspects of his thought is very underdeveloped. By contrast, this thesis places him in the historical context of the early seventeenth century and investigates his views on contemporary issues of religion and politics, including controversies over the power of kings over the established church, the relationship between the King and Parliament, and the lawfulness of resistance to tyrants in the Early English Civil War.

Past research interests

My previous research, my Master’s thesis, focuses on the origin and the development of Deism in the early modern era. I tried to investigate how the idea ‘God as a rational being’ circulated and developed during that period.