Pete Watson

User Experience Specialist

  • Communications and Marketing
  • University Secretary's Group

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Room 5.01
St Leonards Land
Holyrood Road

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  • Monday - Thursday
    Working remotely most of the time at present


Pete is the User Experience Specialist within the Prospective Student Web Content Team in Communications and Marketing.  

Previous roles 

Before joining the team, Pete worked in the University’s Student Systems team. He was responsible for planning and delivering user research activities that ensured the Extensions and Special Circumstances service met the needs of student users.  


He achieved this through regular prototyping and testing of design ideas with students which enabled him to feed the insights back into the project ensuring that developers and other stakeholders had a clear understanding of what they were building and why.  


Pete holds a Professional Development Award in Service Design from the Service Design Academy. 

Pete studied History at undergraduate level at Stirling university and holds a first-class degree.  

Responsibilities & affiliations

Pete is responsible for planning and leading user research activities that ensure the needs of the business and our users are core to the planning and execution of the Team’s projects. 

Typical activities include: 

  • Discovery phase user research 

  • Experience mapping 

  • Design and prototyping  

  • Usability testing 

Pete ensures that insights gained from research activities are used to inform the work of other project members and stakeholders which supports them to make the best decisions that align with both user and stakeholder needs.

Project activity

2022-2025 Future state undergraduate and postgraduate degree finders

2019-2022 Extensions and Special Circumstances service