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7 George Square, Edinburgh
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  • Office hours: Mondays 9-10am


Representative publications

  1. Sturt, P., Keller, F., and Dubey, A. (2010) Syntactic Priming in Comprehension: Parallelism effects with and without coordination Journal of Memory and Language,  62:333-351.
  2. Scheepers, C., Sturt, P., Martin, C., Myachykov, A., Teevan, K., and Viskupova, I. (2011). Structural priming across cognitive domains: From simple arithmetic to relative clause attachment. Psychological Science, 22:1319-1326.
  3. Kreiner, H., Garrod, S., and Sturt, P. (2013). Number agreement in sentence comprehension: the relationship between grammatical and conceptual factors. Language and Cognitive Processes, 28:829-874
  4. Slattery, T., Sturt, P., Christianson, K., Yoshida, M., and Ferreira, F. (2013). Lingering misinterpretations of garden path sentences arise from competing syntactic representations. Journal of Memory and Language, 69:104-120.
  5. Scheepers, C. and Sturt, P. (2014). Bi-directional syntactic priming across cognitive domains: From arithmetic to language and back. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 67:1643--1654.
  6. Cunnings, I. and Sturt, P. (2014). Coargumenthood and the processing of re exives. Journal of Memory and Language, 75:117-139.
  7. Kwon, N. and Sturt, P. (2014). The use of control information in dependency formation: An eyetracking study. Journal of Memory and Language, 73:59-80

Undergraduate teaching

I currently teach Psychology of Language (3rd year undergraduate), Sentence processing and Psycholinguistics  (4th year undergraduate), and Discourse Comprehension (MSc).

My OFFICE HOURS are 9-10am on Mondays, or you could simply email me to arrange a meeting time

Current PhD students supervised

Research summary

Syntactic processing in language comprehension, Computational models of incremental parsing. Anaphor resolution. Eye movements in reading.