Olga Stepanova

Research assistant, PhD student

  • Centre for Regenerative Medicine, Institute for Regeneration and Repair, University of Edinburgh
  • MRC Human Genetics Unit, Institute of Genetics and Cancer, University of Edinburgh

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Olga obtained MSci in Molecular Biology from the University of Aberdeen where she became interested in the regulation of gene expression.  During her undergraduate studies, Olga undertook research internships at the University of Aberdeen and the University of Cambridge. Additionally, she completed a research placement year funded by the Erasmus+ traineeship grant in Kristian Helin's lab at the University of Copenhagen, where she became interested in DNA methylation. After graduation, she undertook a summer internship at the small biotech company Cell ProTx in Aberdeen before relocating to Edinburgh where she is pursuing a PhD on the roles of DNA methylation and Polycomb in embryonic stem cells in Richard Meehan's lab. Recently, Olga joined Guillaume Blin's lab as a part-time research assistant to gain experience with in vitro human development models alongside working on a thesis and a manuscript from her PhD.


2019-ongoing: PhD in Genetics, Richard Meehan lab, University of Edinburgh

2014-2019: MSci in Molecular Biology, University of Aberdeen


Research summary

Olga is a molecular biologist with expertise in epigenetics, functional genomics and embryonic stem cells. During her PhD, she became interested in embryonic development and seeks to continue working at the intersection of epigenetics, stem cells and early development.