Nana Barker

Teaching Fellow, Course Organiser in Japanese / JLPT Coordinator


Nana Barker holds a degree in Linguistics from Kyoto Prefectural University. She has an extensive experience in language teaching and curriculum designing since 2011. She is currently appointed as Teaching Fellow / Course Organiser in Japanese. Besides her teaching, she also organises Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) together with Japan Foundation for Centre for Open Learning. 

She has experience in teaching the language to wider audiences in various levels both in-person and online in Oxford, Melbourne, Australia and San Francisco, US. 


  • Undergraduate degree in Linguistics, Kyoto Prefectural University, Kyoto Japan
  • Certificate in exchange programme in English Language and Literature, Newcastle University, UK

Responsibilities & affiliations

Course organising in Japanese at Centre for Open Learning, The University of Edinburgh

JLPT coordination at Centre for Open Learning, The University of Edinburgh

Language Tutor in Japanese for International Education Institute, University of St Andrews (2011-present)