Myrna Saliba (PhD Student)

Thesis title: Sport and The City: The Environmental, Social, and Economic ripple effect of Sport on Dubai City


Myrna's research pursuit is deeply rooted in her rich background in sport and economics, her passion for nature and her commitment to environmental conservation. She is a mentor and a motivational speaker who draws on her extensive work in the wellness and fitness industry, her accreditations by reputable sports bodies and organisations and her life experiences to guide others on their wellness journey. In that vein, she created in 2008  ASHEwellness (Awareness for Sport, Health, and the Environment), a multifaceted platform to promote positive life change and healthy living in a sustainable environment. Myrna's life in work and in play revolves around sport and the environment: she is a sport entrepreneur, a plant-based vegan endurance athlete in support of the environment, an accomplished competitive long-distance runner, an Ironman, a Double (continuous) Ironman, and a former international Brevet II Rhythmic Gymnastics Judge—her interdisciplinary research ties together everything she cherishes and defends.


Master of Science (MSc) Sports, Rhythmic Sportive Gymnastics (H. Honors) - National Sports Academy, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Bachelor of Arts, Economics and Finance (First-Class Joint Honors), McGill University, Canada.

Certified personal trainer (ACSM), swimming (TI), running (RRCA) and triathlon coach (USAT) 

Current research interests

Sport and the city; Sport and Global cities, Sport and globalisation; Sport and sustainability; Sport for social change; Sport’s impact on the human capital well-being and economic wealth; Sport’s social and cultural effects; Sport and smart cities; Sport’s history in the Middle East.

Past research interests

Kinematic Analysis of Combination Jumps In Rhythmic Gymnastics.