Morag Donaldson

Honorary Fellow

  • Psychology
  • School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences

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Room F8, Psychology Building

7 George Square, Edinburgh
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Representative Publications

  1. Nash, M. and Donaldson, M.L. (2005). Word learning in children with vocabulary deficits. Journal of Speech, Language and Hearing Research, 48, 439-458.
  2. Donaldson, M.L., Reid, J. and Murray, C. (2007). Causal sentence production in children with language impairments. International Journal of Language and Communication Disorders. 42 (2), 155-186. (ISSN 1368-2822)
  3. Donaldson, M.L. and Cooper, L.S.M. (2009). Children's production of verb-phrase anaphora in a spoken task. Journal of Child Language, 36, 449-470.


  1. Economic and Social Research Council, £47,000: The development of verb-phrase anaphora in children's language, October 1991 to September 1993 (with Lynn Cooper).
  2. Medical Research Council, £71,000: The role of phonological awareness in children's speech and reading difficulties, January 1992 to June 1994 (with Robert Grieve and Elizabeth Dean).
  3. Scottish Office Education Department, £127,000: The role of speech and language therapists in the education of pupils with special educational needs, October 1993 to September 1995 (with Robert Grieve, George Thomson and Elizabeth Dean).
  4. Economic and Social Research Council, £30,000: Children's production and comprehension of verb-phrase ellipsis, February 1994 to October 1994 (with Lynn Cooper).
  5. Scottish Office Home and Health Department, £94,000: Comprehension and production of explanations in children with language impairment, November 1994 to November 1996 (with Jennifer Reid).
  6. Economic and Social Research Council, £30,000: Children’s acquisition of Scottish Gaelic Grammar: a preliminary study, October 1995 to September 1996 (with William Gillies and Jennifer Reid).


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Responsibilities & affiliations

  • Member of British Psychological Society
  • Member of Linguistics Association of Great Britain
  • Member of International Association for the Study of Child Language

Undergraduate teaching

  • Developmental Psychology (U00587)
  • Children with Language Impairments (U00589)

Current PhD students supervised

Research summary

Language development and language impairment in children.

Current research interests

Language development and language impairment in children, especially: comprehension and production of explanations and causal expressions word learning in children with vocabulary difficulties