Martin Pickering (PhD, FBA, FRSE)


  • Psychology
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Room S12, Psychology Building

7 George Square, Edinburgh
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Representative publications

  1. Pickering, M.J., & Garrod, S. (2004). Toward a mechanistic psychology of dialogue. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 27, 169-225.
  2. Hartsuiker, R.J., Pickering, M.J., & Veltkamp, E. (2004). Is syntax separate or shared between languages? Psychological Science, 15, 409-414.
  3. Pickering, M.J., & Ferreira, V.S. (2008). Structural priming: A critical review. Psychological Bulletin, 134, 427-459.
  4. Pickering, M.J., & Garrod, S. (2013). An integrated theory of language production and comprehension. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 36, 329-392.
  5. Branigan, H.P., & Pickering, M.J. (2017).  An experimental approach to linguistic represesentation.  Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 40, e282.
  6. Pickering, M.J., & Gambi, C. (2018).  Predicting while comprehending language: A theory and review.  Psychological Bulletin, 144, 1002-1044.
  7. Pickering, M.J., & Garrod, S. (2021).  Understanding dialogue: Language use and social interaction.  Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

For a complete list of publications, see my Google Scholar page,

I am interested in any enquiries about PhD or other research projects in any of my areas of interest.


BA (1st Class), Psychology, University of Durham.

PhD, Cognitive Science, University of Edinburgh.

I held posts in Arizona, Glasgow, and Edinburgh.

Responsibilities & affiliations

Director of Research for The School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences

Undergraduate teaching

I teach Year 1 Psychology of Language, Year 1 Embodiment, Year 4 Language Production, and MSc Language Production and Sentence Comprehension, as well as tutorials, literature reviews, and student projects. My consultation hours are by appointment, for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Open to PhD supervision enquiries?


Current PhD students supervised

Past PhD students supervised

Ph.D. students, principal (or co-) supervisor

1996-98  Andrew Stewart (BBSRC), Senior Lecturer, Manchester

1996-99  Roger van Gompel (ESRC/Glasgow University Studentship), Reader, Dundee

1997-2000  Asifa Majid (Glasgow University Studentship), Professor, York.

1998-2001  Alexandra Cleland (Glasgow & Edinburgh University Studentships), Senior Lecturer, Aberdeen.

2000-2003  Sarah Haywood (ESRC).

2002-2006  Matthew Watson (ESRC), Lecturer, Sunderland.

2002-2006  Ciara Catchpole (ESRC).

2003-2007 Claudine Raffray (Commonwealth Scholarship)

2003-2007 Anna Hatzadaki (Greek government scholarship), Lecturer, Athens.

2002-2007  Mikihiro Tanaka (self-funded), Lecturer, Showa University, Tokyo.

2004-2008 Clare Huxley (ESRC)

2004-2009 Gaurav Malhotra (ESRC/BP Dorothy Hodgkin Studentship), Researcher, Bristol

2001-2009  Annabel Harrison (ESRC).

2004-2009  Robert Meier (ESRC), Lecturer, Augsburg

2005-2009 Helene Kreysa (University of Edinburgh Studentship), Researcher, Jena.

2007-2010 Zhenguang Cai (University of Edinburgh Studentship/ORS award), Assistant Professor, Chinese University of Hong Kong.

2007-2011 Cyprian Laskowski (Canadian Government Studentship)

2009-2014 Takayuki Miura (self-funded)

2010-2013 Chiara Gambi (University of Edinburgh Studentship), Lecturer, Cardiff.

2012-2014 Madeleine Beveridge (ESRC), University Administrator, Edinburgh

2012-2016 Aine Ito (self-funded), Researcher, Berlin.

2012-2016 Jarosław Lelonkiewicz (self-funded), Researcher, Trieste.

2012-2016 Alessia Tosi (University of Edinburgh Studentship)

2012-2016 Lauren Hadley (ESRC), Researcher, Edinburgh

2012-2018 Anthony Selles (self-funded)


Ph.D. students, assistant supervisor

1992-95  Holly Branigan (EPSRC), Professor, Edinburgh

1993-96  Patrick Sturt (EPSRC), Reader, Edinburgh

1993-96  Mercè Prat-Sala (ESRC), Senior Lecturer, King Alfred’s College

1995-99  Steven Frisson (Antwerp, Flemish government studentship), Lecturer, Birmingham, summa cum laude

2001-05  Pia Knoeferle (Saarbrücken, German government studentship), Lecturer, Humboldt University (Berlin), summa cum laude (Opus Exemium for thesis)

2002-04  Yu-Ju Chou (self-funded)                         

2002-06  Susanna Flett (ESRC).

2004-08  Sarah Bernolet (Ghent, Flemish government studentship), Lecturer, Antwerp.

2004-08  Marina Papoutsi (EPSRC), Researcher, London.

2006-09  Mirta Vernice (Pavia), Researcher, Milan

2006-10  Kumiko Fukumura (Dundee, University of Dundee studentship), Lecturer, Stirling

2007-10  Iva Ivanova (Barcelona, Spanish Government studentship), Assistant Professor, El Paso

2008-11  Judith Köhne, Researcher, UPenn (Saarbrücken, German Government studentship)

2011-15  Sam Miller (ESRC)

2011-15  Mariana Vega-Mendoza (University of Edinburgh Studentship/SORSAS award/Mexican government studentship), Researcher, Umea

2012-15 Calen Walshe (Canadian Government studentship), Researcher, Austin.

2014-18 Michela Bonfieni (EU FP7 studentship)

2014-17 Janine Luethi (Bern), summa cum laude.

Research summary

Psychology of language and communication, including language production, language comprehension, dialogue, language and imagination, joint action, and bilingualism.

Latest research activities and personal awards