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Time, Economics and the Allocation of Resources in Britain 1930-1970

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Research interests

For a long time my main research interests concerned the interaction between U.K governments and , often, nationalised industries.  Within this broad area I wrote about such topics as economic planning, utility pricing, investment in the iron and steel industry, and the economic history of nationalisation, privatisation and regulation. Part of these interests were reflected in my book on post-war eceonomic planning and indutrial policy, 1945-51.

Since the end of the 20th century, I have become increasingly interested in the development of economic thought. I wrote a study of  electricity and energy policy in Britain, France and the United States since 1945, and the main purpose of that book was to explore the comparative development of marginalist approaches to pricing and investment.  After finishing that book, I began to explore the philosophical underpinnings of the economic use of such concepts as utilitarianism, ownership, normativity and  choice. These preoccupations informed my subsequent book  on the political economy of Britain since 1951.

Current research activities

I am currently researching the  definintion, assertion and allocation of property rights on, in and under the sea  since 1945. The main areas of research concern: the Deep SeaBed; the Continental Shelf; the Exclusive Economic Zone; the distribution of fishing licences; and the approaches to the protection of sea species and areas. 

Research projects

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Books - Authored

Chick, M. (2019) Changing Times: Economics, Policies, and Resource Allocation in Britain since 1951. Oxford: Oxford University Press

Chick, M. (2007) Electricity And Energy Policy in Britain, France and The United States since 1945. Edward Elgar

Chick, M. (1998) Industrial Policy in Britain, 1945-51: Economic Planning, Nationalisation and the Labour Governments. Cambridge University Press

Books - Edited

Chick, M. (ed.) (1990) Governments, Industries and Markets: Aspects of Government-Industry Relations in the UK, Japan, West Germany and the USA since 1945. Edward Elgar Publishing


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