Marisa De Andrade

Lecturer and Programme Director

  • School of Health in Social Science
  • Counselling, Psychotherapy and Applied Social Sciences

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Rm 1M 8, Doorway 6, Old Medical Quad, Teviot Place

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Dr Marisa de Andrade joined the University of Edinburgh in November 2014 to assume the role of Programme Director for the Postgraduate Programme in Integrated Service Improvement. Prior to that, she was an Impact Research Fellow in social policy, public health and critical communication at the University of Stirling’s Institute for Social Marketing (ISM) mentored by Prof Gerard Hastings.

Marisa is also a radio presenter, journalist, practitioner and lecturer in the creative industries and has worked as a freelancer and consultant around the world. She is committed to an interdisciplinary, innovative approach to research, teaching, policy, practice and knowledge exchange on local, national and international levels.

Postgraduate teaching

  • Programme Director for the Postgraduate Programme in Integrated Service Improvement 2015/2016
  • Integrated Service Improvement, Qualitative Information and Analysis for Service Improvement, Course Organiser 
  • Health Science and Society MA, Identity and Experience in Health and Society

Research summary

Research Interests

My research interests include:

  • asset-based approaches, co-production and co-design.
  • bridging the gap between top-down and bottom-up approaches to health policy, practice and theory by using ethnography and innovative, participatory research methods.
  • media representation of scientific information and commercial sector involvement in public health policy (pharmaceutical, tobacco, alcohol and food industries).
  • pharmaceutical regulation on national, European and global levels; stakeholder relations and policy networks.
  • community engagement (particularly with minority ethnic groups and the most disadvantaged in our society), knowledge exchange (including with international colleagues in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Pakistan and the US) and citizen “empowerment”.

Research activity


de Andrade, M. (PI). College of Humanities & Social Science Knowledge Exchange and Impact Small Grant, University of Edinburgh. Come on in! Embodying Black Minority Ethnic Communities’ Perceptions of Accessing Health Services through Theatre of the Oppressed. £4,961. 2015 (4 months)

de Andrade, M. (PI), Hastings, G., Angus, K. Cancer Research UK. The marketing of e-cigarettes in the UK. £23,008. 2013 (5 months)

de Andrade, M. (PI). NHS Fife. Evaluating smoking awareness campaigns in Fife secondary schools using radio as a form of data collection and an asset-based approach. £20, 000. 2014 (4 months) 

de Andrade, M (PI). NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde, Tobacco & Health Inequalities: BME Feasibility and Ethnographic Study in deprived areas in the Southside of Glasgow. £15,000. 2013 (6 months)

de Andrade, M. (Co-PI), Cairns, G. (Co-PI). European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control health communication strategy and capacity building. £22,865. 2013/2014 (7 months)

de Andrade, M. (PI). NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde. Community champions, snowballing and asset-based approaches. £10, 000. 2014 (5 months)

de Andrade, M. (PI). NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde. Using co-production and asset-based approach to explore illicit tobacco. £10,000. 2013 (3 months) 

de Andrade, M. (PI). NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde. Is it Illicit? Discussing illicit tobacco and gathering public health data through radio. £7,000. 2013 (4 month pilot)

de Andrade, M. (PI), Hastings, G. Cancer Research UK.  Tobacco harm reduction:  research priorities and policy directions. £ 4,668 (1 month)

Bauld, L. (PI), de Andrade, M. (researcher). Angus, K. Public Health England. E-cigarettes – the evidence. £5,000. 2014 (2 months) 

Collin, J. (PI), Amos, A., Hastings, G., Bauld, L., Smith, K., Hill, S., de Andrade, M., Rooke, C. ESRC (seminar series). Policy challenges and tobacco control: Implications for public and global health. September 2013 (ongoing)

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