Maarten Tuijtel

CryoEM Technologist

Research summary

The CryoEM facility provides tailored support for a wide variety of scientific questions requiring high-resolution imaging. Techniques that are currently available at the facility are:

  • Standard 2D projecting imaging of thin (cryo-) samples provides structural information with a high resolution.
  • Single-particle analysis. Provides ultra-high resolution structure of a single protein or protein complex. Single-particle analysis is the core strength of the facility. First, the quality of the sample is assess with negative stain imaging and 2D class averages are obtained, after which the sample is vitrified and screened until the right conditions are reached to collect data. The data is then processed to produce a 3D structure of the particle. When necessary, samples can be taken to national facilities, such as the SCMI or eBIC.
  • (Cryo-) Electron tomography. Provides 3D information of a single specimen by physically tilting the specimen inside the EM. Can be used on cryo-samples as well as plastic sections of cellular material.
  • Electron Diffraction. Provides structural information on crystalline material

The facility is working to offer several correlative workflows to combine fluorescence microscopy with EM.

Current research interests

Cryo Electron Microscopy; Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy; Single Particle Analysis