Kirsty Lilley

Thesis title: Missing settlements, missing people: relating architecture, deathways, and social life in Pre-Nuragic Sardinia


I studied MA (Hons) Archaeology at the University of Edinburgh (2013-18) and recently completed an MPhil in Archaeology at the University of Cambridge (2018-19). Although my main focus is now Late Neolithic and Chalcolithic Sardinia, my studies have taken me from personhood and identity in Neolithic and Bronze Age Scotland, to anthropological archaeology during a year abroad in Canada, and the archaeology of Africa in my MPhil.

I am currently studying for a PhD in Edinburgh, exploring the relationships between architecture, funerary monuments, and social identity and society in prehistoric Sardinia. Alongside my own research, I enjoy taking part in fieldwork both in Scotland and elsewhere.


MPhil Archaeology (European Prehistory), University of Cambridge

MA (Hons) Archaeology, University of Edinburgh

Undergraduate teaching

Tutor, Archaeology 1A and 1B (2019-20)

Research summary

My primary research areas are Pre-Nuragic Sardinia, settlement and funerary archaeology, social identity, and archaeological theory. I am also interested in Scottish archaeology, prehistoric personhood, and the relevance and application of archaeology in modern society.