Dr Jon Kelly

Technical Services Manager for ISPEHS and IETL


Jon Kelly leads the Technical Support Team within the Institute. The team provides technical support for teaching, research and sport science support work.

In 2007, Jon completed his PhD at the University of Edinburgh investigating the biomechanics of cycling. Alongside this, he provided the sport science support to the Scottish Cycling squads in the preparation for the 2010 Commonwealth Games. Since completing his PhD, he has worked both in sport development as Coaching and Development Manager at Scottish Cycling as well as various technical support roles. These included supporting Physiotherapy teaching and research at Queen Margaret University. He returned to the University of Edinburgh in 2011 to take up his present role.

Jon also has many years of coaching experience in cycling working with athletes from children learning the basic skills to adults competing at International events. He has tutored British Cycling coaching courses and written sections of their UKCC qualifications. He has also managed women's road cycling teams at national and international events.

Responsibilities & affiliations

Although not employed in a teaching role, Jon delivers occasional sessions in areas where he has particular expertise, for example, the biomechanics of cycling and electromyography (EMG).

Research summary

  • Biomechanics of cycling
  • Electromyography (EMG)
  • Signal processing
  • Software development to collect and analyse research data

Project activity

  • Working with Dr Stelios Psycharakis on The WATER project: Which AquaTic ExeRcises work best? Identifying muscle recruitment for aquatic exercises used in interventions for core strengthening and rehabilitation from musculoskeletal disorders
  • Using time-frequency domain methods to identify EMG timings in the calculation of electromechanical delay