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I am a lecturer in Differential Psychology here at the University of Edinburgh. I did my undergraduate degree in psychology at the University of Huddersfield (2011-2014) and then a Masters in Organisational Psychology at the University of Manchester (2015-2016). I worked in the private sector for several years as a management consultant, supporting clients with psychometric assessment projects. I returned to academia to start a PhD at the University of Manchester in 2019, in which I developed a new psychometric measure that integrates the Dark Triad into the facet structure of the Five Factor Model. This measure, the Faceted Dark Triad Scale, outperforms existing scales and represents the next phase in Dark Triad measurement. Please contact me if you would like to know more.

My professional career has focused on understanding the impact of personality in the workplace. I am broadly interested in personality measurement, quantitative methods, and the expression of antagonistic personality traits in the workplace. I am particularly interested in construct proliferation in personality research, and my long-term goals are to continue to identify redundant constructs and measures, with the hope of 'cleaning up' the field and moving us towards a more parsimonious set of constructs and measures for use in applied contexts. I am committed to all things open science and conduct all of my quantitative work in R.

Undergraduate teaching

- Psychology in Action ( - Course organiser (

- Human Personality ( - Course organiser

- Data Analysis for Psychology Research (Year 3; - Lecturer (Path analysis and factor analysis)

- Psychology 2A ( - Lecturer (Differential Psychology)

- Psychology 1B ( - Lecturer (Differential Psychology)

Research summary

In the short- and medium-term I plan to continue researching the same two integrated themes. The first is the conceptualisation and measurement of the Dark Triad, and the second is personality in the workplace.


Building on my development of a new conceptual model and measure of the Dark Triad, I will continue to validate the new scale in novel contexts and research designs. My measure captures the Dark Triad using the domains of the Five Factor Model (e.g., Narcissism is a combination of high Extraversion, high Neuroticism, and low Agreeableness). The advantage of this approach is greater integration between psychological models and a move towards eliminating construct proliferation. I plan to continue to map the personality taxonomy and identify redundant constructs that can be captured using the facets of my Faceted Dark Triad Scale.


In terms of the workplace, I am eager to continue to use experience sampling to examine the impact of personality traits on organisational phenomena. I plan to continue to explore the role of emotion and need frustration in the expression of the Dark Triad, and I am currently supervising dissertation students who are studying this.

Project activity

I am currently continuing the validation work of the Faceted Dark Triad Scale with an applied sample of public sector managers. I have a grant to conduct an experience sampling investigation into the situational triggers of this new model of the Dark Triad.


I am interested in any project involving Dark Triad, but particularly those exploring construct validity and measurement of narcissism, psychopathy and Machiavellianism.