John Gilmour

Honorary Fellow


  • MA (Hons)
  • MBA
  • MSc (Second World War Studies)
  • MSc (Scandinavian Studies)

Books: Authored and Edited

Publications and Reviews

  • Review of The Hundred Day Winter War: Finland's Gallant Stand against the Soviet Army, Gordon F. Sander, University Press of Kansas, 2013.  ISBN: 9780700619108. War in History,  July 2014;  vol. 21, 3: pp. 388-389.
  • Review of När Finland var Sverige. (When Finland Was Sweden), Herman Lindqvist, Albert Bonniers Förlag, 2013. ISBN: 9789174332223. Swedish Book Review 2014:1
  • Review of Operation Norssken: om Stasi och Sverige under kalla kriget. (Operation Northern Lights: Sweden and the Stasi during the Cold War), Christoph Andersson, Norstedts,  2013. ISBN 91-1-304435-4.  Swedish Book Review 2013:2
  • Review of Mördaren i folkhemmet. (Murderer in the ‘Home of the People’), Lena Ebervall and Per E. Samuelson,  Pirat,  2012. ISBN: 9789164203984. Swedish Book Review 2013:1
  • Review of Finland's War of Choice - The Troubled German-Finnish Coalition in World War II , Henrik O. Lunde, Casemate, Newbury, 2011. ISBN 9781612002194. War in History,  November 2012;  vol. 19, 4: pp. 528-529.
  • Review of Swedes at War: Willing Warriors of a Neutral Nation, 1914-1945. Gyllenhaal, Lars & Westberg, Lennart, translation by Carl Gustav Finstrom. (Bedford, PA, Aberjona Press 2010.) The British Commission for Military History, Mars & Clio 30, 2012.
  • Gilmour, John. (2011) ‘A return ticket for the Shetland Bus? Scottish-Swedish air connections during the Second World War.’ Northern Studies 42, 76-94.
  • Review of Omvälvningarnas tid: Norden och Europa under revolutions- och Napoleonkrigen  (Times of Upheaval: The Nordic Countries and Europe in the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars), Martin Hårdstedt,  Norstedts,  2010. ISBN: 9789113024387 , Swedish Book Review 2011:2
  • Review of Hitler’s Savage Canary: A History of the Danish Resistance in World War II, David Lampe, Frontline Books, Barnsley, 2010. The British Commission for Military History, Mars & Clio 29, 2011.