John Gilmour

Honorary Fellow


  • MA (Hons)
  • MBA
  • MSc (Second World War Studies)
  • MSc (Scandinavian Studies)

Undergraduate teaching

Scandinavian Civilization 'A'

Scandinavian Civilization 'B'

Research summary

The Second World War experience of the Scandinavian nations provides a fascinating microcosm of a global conflict where the reverberations of the Holocaust, resistance, collaboration, and moral ambiguity are rewarding areas of research. Additionally, the geopolitics of Scandinavia provided challenging Second World War policy options for Germany, Britain, Soviet Russia and the USA which reveal insights into their wider ambitions in the region.

The prose works of the 20th century Swedish proletarian writer, Harry Martinson, can be said to presage today's global society and environmental concerns. One of his present-day champions, the author and academic Björn Larsson, has also adopted a polemic style in his prose which ranges across current issues such as individual freedom in the information society, and radicalisation and anomie in modern western cultures.

Books: Authored and Edited

  • Gilmour, John and Stephenson, Jill., (Eds). Hitler's Scandinavian Legacy. (London, Bloomsbury. 2013.)
  • Gilmour, John. Sweden, the Swastika and Stalin. The Swedish Experience in the Second World War. (Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Press. 2010.)
  • Gilmour, John. Hitler, Stalin och Sverige : ett nytt perspektiv på den svenska erfarenheten av andra världskriget. (Stockholm, Santérus Förlag, 2016.)
  • Gilmour, John.  'Sweden's Ambiguous War: Contradiction and Controversy' in Stecher-Hansen, M. (ed.)  Nordic War Stories: World War Two as History, Fiction, Media, and Memory, (New York, Berghahn Books. 2020.)
  • Gilmour, John . 'Sweden - an ambiguous participant'  in Bartrop , P. (ed.) The Routledge History Of The Second World War, [Pre-publication.] 

Publications and Reviews

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