Jakub Musil

PhD Linguistics & English Language

  • Linguistics and English Language
  • School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences

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Room 2.17
Dugald Stewart Building

3 Charles Street, Edinburgh
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Having graduated from the Celtic & Linguistics programme at this University with a dissertation on the dialectology and phonology of lateral consonants in Scottish Gaelic, Jakub took up the position of John Lorne Campbell Research Assistant in a project supported by Faclair na Gàidhlig (Dictionary of the Scottish Gaelic Language) aiming to catalogue archive materials pertaining to the Linguistic Survey of Scotland (Gaelic) and assess their potential for lexicographic purposes.

He then continued his studies on the MSc by Research programme in Linguistics, completing a dissertation on the dialectology of rhotic consonants in Gaelic. Since October 2019, he is working towards a PhD examining the nature of the phonetics-phonology interface on the background of vowel epenthesis and excrescence processes in Scottish Gaelic and Irish.


MA (Hons) Celtic & Linguistics (Edinburgh): Lateral Consonants in Scottish Gaelic

MSc by Research Linguistics (Edinburgh): Rhotic Consonants in Scottish Gaelic

Undergraduate teaching

In 2019/20, I am tutoring on the following courses:

Linguistics and English Language 1A (LASC08022)

LEL2E: Structure and History of European Languages (LASC08021)

Research summary

  • phonological theory (matters of representation in particular)
  • the phonetics-phonology interface
  • Scottish Gaelic dialectology
  • historical phonology
  • representation of liquid consonants