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  • Office hours in the second semester: Thursday 3-4 (in the office) or by appointment


B.A., M.A. (Moscow State University), Ph.D. (University of Toronto, Collaborative Programme in Ancient and Medieval Philosophy). I joined this department in September 2005, having held research fellowships at King's College London and Oxford (St Hilda's College with Faculty of Philosophy) and lectureships at several Canadian universities (Univ. of Toronto, York University, University of Victoria).



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Articles and monograph chapters

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Book reviews

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Administrative roles

  • PPLS QAE Director
  • MSc Programme Director (Ancient Philosophy)

Undergraduate teaching

My teaching is mainly in Ancient Philosophy (this year Ancient Theories of Mind and Ancient Philosophy Seminar I and II). I am happy to supervise dissertations on various topics (e.g. recently supervised MSc dissertations were on Plato's Philebus and the Laws, Aristotle's Metaphysics, Aristotle's ethics and psychology, Stoic physics and ethics, Epicurean ethics and political philosophy). Jointly with colleagues from Classics, IMES and Divinity, I am running Greek, Latin, and Arabic philosophy reading groups for students. Send me an email if you would like to join any of these groups!

Office hours

Tuesday 11am-1pm in 5.02 DSB and by appointment.

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Ancient Philosophy and Science

Current research interests

My main area of research is ancient Greek philosophy. I am interested in ancient theories of mind and matter, moral philosophy, science and medicine. I specialise in Aristotle and Aristotelian tradition, and pursue research also in Platonism and Stoic philosophy. I also have research interests in medieval philosophy, in particular, in early Byzantine philosophy and Greek philosophy in the Arabic sources.