Greta Gandolfi

Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher

  • Psychology
  • School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences

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Psychology Building

7 George Square, Edinburgh
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MCS, Cognitive Science (2020), University of Trento

BA, Philosophy (2018), San Raffaele University 

Research summary

Dialogue, Human-Robot Interaction, Contestable concepts

Project activity

ESR for COBRA (Conversational Brains)- Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network

Conference details


Talk. 22 September 2022. XPRAG 2022. Pavia (IT). Social status modulates lexical entrainment, but only when we are paying attention. Greta Gandolfi, Anita Tobar Henríquez & Martin J. Pickering.

Poster. 09 September 2022. AMLaP 2022. York (UK). Social status, language use, and context: Insights from lexical entrainment. Greta Gandolfi, Anita Tobar Henríquez & Martin J. Pickering.

Talk. 11 May 2022. Psycholinguistics Coffee. Online. Misalignment in alignment research. Lena-Marie Huttner, Greta Gandolfi, Joanna Kruyt.

Talk. 26 May 2021. Psycholinguistics Coffee. Online. Conceptual alignment and its meta-representation promote communication success. Greta Gandolfi.

Poster. 29 June 2021. Beonline 2021. Online. The Effect of Social Status Perception on Lexical Alignment. Greta Gandolfi, Anita Tobar Henríquez & Martin J. Pickering.

Poster. 1 March 2021. CLIC-IT 2020. Online. Predicting Social Exclusion. A Study of Linguistic Ostracism in Social Networks. Greta Gandolfi, Carlo Strapparava.

Talk. 28 January 2021. Online. Theoretical and Experimental Approaches to Modification. Adjective Ordering: a Compositional Distributional Semantics Approach. Roberto Zamparelli, Nicola Sartorato, Eleonora Gualdoni and Greta Gandolfi.

Poster. 31 July 2020. CogSci 2020. Online. Predicting Social Exclusion: A Computational Linguistic Approach to the Detection of Ostracism. Greta Gandolfi, Carlo Strapparava.


Organiser, along with Esperanza Badaya of LINk 2022 (Language and Interaction Network), a two-day event, targeting postgraduate students and early-stage career researchers who are interested in the Psychology of Language. []

Organiser and moderator, along with Esperanza Badaya of the Psycholinguistics Coffee, an informal meeting to discuss Psycholinguistic research, presented by internal or external postgraduate students and early career researchers. Talks include published research, work in progress, and practice runs for conference presentations. []