Graham Condie (PhD student)

Thesis title: Experiencing and living with Cerebral Palsy or a similar neurological condition and finding meaning in recreation and disability sport


I am a PhD student within the Institute of Sport, Physical Education and Health Sciences. My PhD is looking at the Influence of Sport on Individuals with Cerebral Palsy Identities and Wellbeing. My academic interests are in;

Disability and Disability Studies,

Experiences of Mental Health and Wellbeing,

Experiences of Living with a Disability,

Experiences of Leisure, Sport and Physical Activity,

Adaptive Recreation, Sport and Physical Activity,

The influence of different forms of Leisure on our Health and Wellbeing,

Therapeutic Recreation and Leisure Education.

I have done work for Scottish Disability Sport (SDS) and the Cerebral Palsy International Sports and Recreation Association (CPISRA). I have also been involved in disability sport since 2003 as an athlete and a coaching assistant. I have a background in Field Para-Athletics and Boccia, with some time spent in Powerchair Football as well. In Athletics, I have been lucky enough to compete at national level in the F32 Club Throw and Seated Discus. I have also been lucky to be invited to compete at the London 2012 Para-Athletics Preparation Event, the IPC 2013 Athletics Grand Prix Final as well as being able to represent Scotland at the 2015 and 2018 CP World Games.


Masters by Research in Disability and Leisure 

BA (Hons) Tourism Management 

Responsibilities & affiliations

Leisure Studies Association 

Research summary

Disability and disability studies,

Experiences of mental health and wellbeing,

Experiences of living with a disability,

Experiences of leisure, sport and physical activity,

Adaptive recreation, sport and physical activity,

The influence of different forms of leisure on our health and wellbeing,

Therapeutic Recreation and Leisure Education.

Conference details

Condie, G (Eds) (2018). Living with Cerebral Palsy and the power of different leisure experiences: examining the influence of different leisure practices through a self-narrative. LSA Leisure Studies Conference 2018: Mobilising Change: Creative and Critical Leisure Practices in the Post-Disciplinary Era. 10th – 12th July 2018. Bath, United Kingdom

Condie, G (2017). A conceptual framework of disability and leisure: the possible implications for teaching, understanding and future research. LSA Leisure Studies Conference 2017. 4th - 6th July 2017. Leeds, United Kingdom 

Condie, G A (2018). Disability and Human Flourishing through Leisure: enabling 'ability' beyond inclusion. Leisure Studies Association Blog. 10th October 

Condie, G A (2018). A demand for sports and recreation camps: findings and conclusions. CPISRA: Ayr

Condie, G A (2017). Introduction to inclusion in sport and recreation. CPISRA: Ayr

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Condie, G (2019). Thinking outside the box of what Adapted Physical Activity and Sport Means?. Physical Activity for Health Research Centre (PAHRC) Seminar. 23rd January 2019