Dr Geetha Marcus

Senior Lecturer in Teacher Education


I am a sociologist, feminist and teacher activist whose research and teaching interests focus on social inequalities within public education systems. I have extensive professional experience in the field of primary education, both in classroom practice and in senior management, and in 2016 published a study for the Scottish Parliament, 'Closing the Attainment Gap', on educational achievement and equity. As a practitioner-researcher, I believe there is an urgent need for teachers to employ education methods that effect justice-oriented social change.

My book Gypsy and Traveller Girls: Silence, Agency and Power (2019) critically explores and documents the racialised and gendered experiences of Gypsy and Traveller girls in Scotland, within public spaces of school and private spaces of home.  And recent publications - Marcus & Van de Peer (2023) and Marcus (2023) continue to detail ongoing racialised narratives within education and society. As a South Asian and advocate of black feminist thought and methodology, my work continues to explore the stories and multiple identities of young people and women on the margins from a postcolonial perspective.


  • PhD (University of Edinburgh), Education
  • MSc (Distinction) (University of Edinburgh), Education
  • PG Cert (Distinction with Merit in Teaching)(Northern College of Education, Aberdeen), Primary Education
  • BA (Hons) (National University of Singapore), English

Responsibilities & affiliations

General Teaching Council of Scotland (Full Registration)




Postgraduate teaching

MSc in Transformative Learning & Teaching  (MSc TLT)

* Course Organiser: Subject Specialism: Nursery and Primary Curricular Areas 1 and 2 (EDUA11381 & EDUA11380)

* University Cluster Link for Student On-site Placements

Postgraduate Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) Primary

* Course Organiser: Developing Pedagogies (EDUA11287)

* Course Tutor: Dimensions of Teaching (EDUA11441)

Open to PhD supervision enquiries?


Current PhD students supervised

Alana Crawford (University of Strathclyde): The experiences of BAME Teachers in Scotland (SGSSS award)

Research summary

Having worked in primary and teacher education, I am concerned that the rhetoric around young people’s attainment still tends to focus on class related poverty, often ignoring the complex intersection of inequalities that stem from gender, race, religion, sexuality, disability and, of course, age. Framing ‘the child’ as a distinct group, with their different mix/intersection of social locations, I am interested in the lives and multiple identities of young people who have been marginalised. Concerns around social justice for children and young people, their welfare, wellbeing and human rights form core themes of my professional practice. My research with Gypsy and Traveller children sits firmly within these concerns as they remain some of the most marginalised and least achieving in the UK, and yet often ignored or demonised as troublesome Other.  This has led to a growing focus on the lived experiences of "migrant" and "refugee" girls and women, as their voices and needs are increasingly oppressed and silenced  in the UK. 

Active Research Interests:

  • Experiences of BAME teachers and student teachers
  • Experiences of Gypsy/Travellers
  • Experiences of "migrant" and/or "refugee" women and girls 
  • Culturally relevant pedagogies for teaching the new century child
  • Translingualism and Translanguaging
  • Black feminist methodology (otherwise known an intersectionality)
  • Oral history



Current research interests

I am currently working on three research outputs for publication. 1) A journal article interrogating aspects of the Scottish Education system using bell hooks' 'education as the practice of freedom' 2) An edited book that problematises the teaching of language (s) in Scottish schools 3) A single authored monograph which is an auto-ethnographic reflection on race and migration in the UK.

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In the press

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Conference Paper/Presentations

Gypsy/Traveller Girls: A Case Study of the Dilemmas and Divisions in Feminist Thinking, Keynote Speaker,Young Women and Girls in Contemporary Scotland and Beyond, Girlhood Gang Conference 2018, Glasgow Women’s Library, Sept 2018.

The Politics of Silence in the Lives of Young Gypsy/Traveller Women in Scotland,Invited Speaker, College of Social Science, University of Hawaii, Manoa, April 2018. 

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