Florencia Vergara Escobar

Thesis title: Following social bonds: Ethnographies of Chilean Relational Wellbeing and its possibilities in a wounded country


I am a Sociocultural Anthropologist interested in Relational Wellbeing of Chile and Latin America. I teach ethnography at Universidad de Chile and I am interested in using academic positionalities and learnings towards concrete collective tools and care practices.


Master's degree in Sociocultural Anthropology, Universidad de Chile

Social Anthropologist, Universidad de Chile

Responsibilities & affiliations

Member of "Nucleo Especulatorio de la Tecnociencia y los Biomateriales" (Speculatory Nucleus of Technosciences and Biomaterials) from Universidad de Chile

Research summary

Technofeminist approaches to the production of knowledge, Anthropology of Wellbeing, Relational Ontologies, Corporalities and body perspectives, Anthropology of Health

Current research interests

Anthropology of Health and Wellbeing Decolonial Perspective and Situated knowledges

Past research interests

Polar and Antarctic studies, Biopolitics, obstetric violence, economic anthropology

Current project grants

ANID-Becas Chile

Past project grants

INACH research grant (Chilean Antarctic Institute)
SCAR's conference grant (Scientific Comittee of Antarctic Research)

Papers delivered

  • Vergara, F. (2023). Corpolaridades: Etnografías corpóreas de la producción de la ciencia y de la vida en una base antártica chilena. Buenos Aires. Santiago: CLACSO. Social-Ediciones. ISBN:978-987-813-485-7. https://biblioteca-repositorio.clacso.edu.ar/bitstream/CLACSO/248280/1/Corporalidades-Vergara.pdf
  • Vergara, F., and Rivera, J. (2022). “Childbirth as a consumption object. From obstetric violence to the offer of new childbirth care models in Santiago, Chile”. Revista De Ciencias Sociales Y Humanidades, 7(34), e210992. https://doi.org/10.46652/rgn.v7i34.992
  • Anigstein, M., Vergara, F., Campusano, K., Délano, L., (2022). Community care actions in the context of the socio-health crisis due to COVID-19. Experiences in Santiago de Chile. In Paula Vidal et al. (Coords), “Pandemic and crisis. Challenges for the social sciences”, pp. 203-221. Santiago: Social-Ediciones
  • Vergara, F. (2021). “Antarctic coexistence: dealing with hard work in a confined space.” ILAIA, no 7:38-41. Available at: https://www.inach.cl/inach/?p=31144 
  • Anigstein,M., Watkins, L.,  Vergara Escobar, F. and Osorio-Parraguez, P. (2021). "In the Midst of a Health and Socio-Political Crisis: Community Care and Coping with the Consequences of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Santiago de Chile ". Antípoda. Revista de Antropología y Arqueología, no. 45: 53-77. https://doi.org/10.7440/antipoda45.2021.03
  • Vergara, F. (2021). Corpolaridades: cuerpos producidos en una cuidadosa Antártica. Revista Latinoamericana de Estudios sobre Cuerpos, Emociones y Sociedad - RELACES, N°35 (13): 12-24, Córdoba. ISSN 18528759. http://www.relaces.com.ar/index.php/relaces/article/view/425
  • Vergara, F. (2020). “Convivencia Antártica: Lidiando con el trabajo Extremo y la Habitación Confinada.” BOLETÍN ANTÁRTICO CHILENO. 39(2):28-31. https://www.inach.cl/inach/?p=29689
  • Campos, E., Vergara, F., Marin, Vicencio, C, Silva, M. y Guerrero, F. (2020) “What do we investigate? Techno-feminist quantitative analysis on the production of post graduated knowledge in the University of Chile”, Santiago. DOI: https://doi.org/10.34720/8k7v-fv10
  • Vergara, F. (2019) Biennial conference of the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research’s (SCAR) Standing Committee on the Humanities and Social Sciences (SC-HASS): Antarctic Connections at the end of the World: understanding the past and shaping the future, The Polar Journal, 9:1, 263-264, DOI: 10.1080/2154896X.2019.1622898 https://doi.org/10.1080/2154896X.2019.1622898