Filipa Melo Lopes


  • Philosophy
  • School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences

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Room 4.05, Dugald Stewart Building

3 Charles Street, Edinburgh
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  • Office Hours Semester 2: Thursday 13:00 -14:00


Filipa joined the department in 2019, after receiving her Ph.D. from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

She works on Social and Political Philosophy and Feminist Philosophy.

Undergraduate teaching


  • Semester 1 -  Morality and Value (Lecturer)
  • Semester 2 - Political Philosophy


Office Hours: Friday 11:30 - 12:30 or by appointment

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Research summary

I work broadly on Social and Political Philosophy, with a focus on Gender and Disability.

My interests include Social Theory/Social Metaphysics, Feminist Philosophy (including History of Feminist Thought), Philosophy of Disability and Philosophy of Sexuality.

I also have enduring interests in a broad set of topics in Political Philosophy (including political liberalism, multiculturalism and communitarianism debates, issues of culture, borders and territorial rights), in Philosophy of Race and Ethnicity, and in the work of Simone de Beauvoir.

Current research interests

My research interests revolve around social identity and social change. I am guided by a central question: How can we effectively change our oppressive social and political arrangements? Regimes of oppression often work by constituting a shared way in which we understand others and ourselves. They become systems of social categorization and identification that we use to coordinate our social practices. What this means is that any attempt to dismantle such regimes must wrestle with this important role they play in our social life. I have developed this kind of analysis particularly in relation to social identities tied to some visible disabilities and gendered social identities.

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