Farhad Alavi

PhD Philosophy

  • Philosophy
  • School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences

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Postgraduate teaching

I have been teaching tutorials in:

Introduction to History of Philosophy I

Introduction to History of Philosophy II

Philosophy of Science.

Current research interests

I have been studying the systematic role of mathematical construction  in Kant's transcendental philosophy especially within his theory of time-determination.  I have a keen interest in early modern philosophies. 

Past research interests

Monadological interpretation of differential calculus Salomon Maimon’s and Hermann Cohen’s theories of infinitesimals in Kant. Intersubjectivity and Phenomenological interpretations of Kant, Heidegger’s reading of Kant, Social functions of art and artistic experience, A Kantian theory of social epistemology and human communication. The Marxian critique of political economy

Project activity

My current PhD project is centered around the role of mathematics and demonstrative reasoning in Hume's philosophy.

Current project grants

School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Science Postgraduate PhD Scholarship

Alavi, F. (2020), Reading Kant’s doctrine of schematism algebraically. Philos Forum, 51: 315-329. https://doi.org/10.1111/phil.12261