Ethan Lewis (PhD student)

Thesis title: The Impacts of Community Gardening


Northland College, Bachelor's of Science in Naturalist Science

University of Minnesota, Master of Education in Agriculture Education

Responsibilities & affiliations

Memberships: Minnesota Association for Environmental Education North American Association for Environmental Education Sustainable Agriculture Education Association

Research summary

My research interests revolve around the interactions between people and their environments, both natural and built. In particular I'm interested in how this relationship impacts or does't impact people's perception of self, place-making and a communities ability to build a sense of community. In addition, I am interested in the power structure within community/allotment gardens and how that effects a community.

Current research interests

As a Ph.D student I will be researching how community/allotment gardens impact communities and the individuals involved with that garden.

Past research interests

For my Master of Education thesis I studied if teaching subjects in the context of agriculture helped close the achievement gap in an inner city middle school.