Siting (Estée) Lu


Siting has obtained her BSc (Honours) in Economics from the National University of Singapore in 2016. After working in a tech start-up, and for an IT consulting firm on big data and artificial intelligence research, she continued her study at the University of Edinburgh and graduated with an MSc in Economics in 2019. Following half a year in the Scottish public sector working as a fiscal analyst, she is currently pursuing her PhD with research interests mainly in game theory and behavioural economics.


MSc Economics, Scottish Graduate Programme in Economics (The University of Edinburgh)

BSc with Honours in Economics (National University of Singapore)

Responsibilities & affiliations

SGPE affiliate

Undergraduate teaching

ECNM08004 - Economic Principles (Semester 1, 2020/21)

ECNM08013 - Economics 1 (Semester 1, 2021/22; Semester 2, 2022/23; Semester 2, 2023/24)

ECNM08016 - Statistical Methods for Economics (Semester 2, 2023/24)

ECNM10066 - Behavioural Economics (Semester 2, 2021/22; Semester 2, 2022/23; Semester 2, 2023/24)

Research summary

Game Theory, Behavioural Economics, Searching and Matching