Emiliano Videla Rodriguez

Post-doctoral Researcher


Emiliano Ariel Videla Rodríguez is originally from Argentina, and is a Post-doctoral Researcher. His background is in Biological Sciences, and since his integrated master’s program, he has been studying the stress phenomenon in poultry industry from different perspectives: immunity, genetics, nutrition.

Throughout his academic career, he started exploring the field of computational biology to further understand complex biological systems. His first steps where in statistics, using some statistical models commonly applied in ecology and agricultural settings to understand how the immune-neuroendocrine interplay responded to different environmental factors such as heat stress, dietary supplements, and/or vaccines. Thereafter, he used Bayesian network approaches to get further insights into the relationships and interactions between genetic features and stress.           

His interests lie in the possibility of using multidisciplinary approaches, combining different statistical and/or computational tools to understand how complex systems are behaving, considering multiple variables varied in nature.