Elke Close

PhD Student - Classics

Undergraduate teaching

I have been a tutor for the past three years in the following courses:

  • Latin 1A
  • Latin 1B
  • Latin 1C
  • Latin 1D
  • Greek World 1A

Research summary

I am currently in the final stages of writing my PhD under the supervision of Professor Andrew Erskine and Dr Benjamin Gray on the role of the Arcadian polis Megalopolis on the politics of the Achaean Koinon in the third and second centuries BC. I have  established a typical Megalopolitan identity originating in the period before the polis joined the Koinon and am looking at how individual aspects of this identity out themselves in Achaean politics in general.

Current research interests

My current research interests include (though are not limited to): ancient federalism, identity in the ancient world, ancient Arcadia, Megalopolis, the Achaean Koinon, the Hellenistic world, the Hellenistic Peloponnese, Roman interactions in Hellenistic Greece, Polybius, Morals and Ethics in Polybius, etc..

Past research interests

In the past I have been worked on different topics such as the Greek and Roman relations in the late Hellenistic period, the Roman War of Antiochus the Great, the Chremonidean War, Women in Athens and Sparta..

Past project grants

McMillan Award 2015-2016
A. S. Onassis Foundation Foreigners' Fellow 2015-2016


Federalism in Antiquity and Today: A Continuing Story?