Elisabeth Goemans

Thesis title: Transnational dissemination and Anglophone translation of gender violence narratives by contemporary Argentinian women writers

PhD in Hispanic Studies

Year of study: 3

  • Hispanic Studies
  • School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures

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Ongoing: PhD in Hispanic Studies, University of Edinburgh (2021-2024)

Provisional thesis title: "The representation of gender violence in Anglophone translations of contemporary Argentinian women's writing". Supervised by Dr. Iona Macintyre and Dr. Fiona Mackintosh.

Master of translation: literary translation (Spanish-Dutch, English-Dutch), KU Leuven (2020-2021)

MA dissertation on the translation of cultural memory in Los planetas by Sergio Chejfec.

Master of Western Literature, KU Leuven (2019-2020)

MA dissertation on the representation of displacement in US-American translations of Cristina Peri Rossi’s poetry and short stories.

Bachelor of English and Spanish Linguistics and Literature, KU Leuven (2016-2019)

Erasmus exchange at the Universidad de Granada (2018)

BA dissertation on paratopy in Leonardo Padura’s Aquello estaba deseando ocurrir. 


Undergraduate teaching

Elisabeth teaches history, culture, and literature seminars to Spanish undergraduate students.

Research summary

Elisabeth's research focuses on the representation of gender and violence in the English translations of contemporary Argentinian women's writing. More specifically, she looks at the work of Selva Almada, Mariana Enríquez, and Selva Almada.

Her PhD project is situated at a crossroads between literary studies and Latin American studies and draws on frameworks from translation and gender studies. 

Current research interests

Argentinian literature;Latin American literature; transnationality; translation; women's writing; gender; violence

Past research interests

exile and migration literature

Project activity

Co-founder & Co-coordinator of Women's Voices in Hispanic and Lusophone fiction, an LLC reading group discussing contemporary Spanish, Portuguese, and Latin American literature in translation.

Elected PGR student representative at the LLC (2022-2023)

Work-in-progress and conference organiser for PILAS (2022-2023)

Assistant editor at peer-reviewed journal FORUM (2022-2023

Current project grants

PhD scholarship from the University of Edinburgh's Doctoral College (2021-2024)


Co-organiser of the 2023 PILAS Conference Coloniality, Autonomy, and Emancipation at Queen’s University Belfast


Interview with writer and translator Lisa Bradford. Nuevas escrituras multilingües latinoamericanas y latinas at Ghent University (2020)

Papers delivered

Violencia de género en paratextos traducidos: ¿El feminismo como estrategia de marketing? Coloquio internacional: Pensar las autorías femeninas en América Latina desde la estética at Ghent University (2023)​ 


The Transnational Resonance of Non-Fiction Novels: Strategies for Translating Feminicide. Translation Studies Research Seminar at the University of Edinburgh (2023)


‘Choppy writing (or translation)’: Translating Brutal Realism in Non-Fiction Novels. The Case of Chicas muertas (2014) and Dead Girls (2020). Stylistic Border Crossings in and Beyond Translation at the British Centre for Literary Translation and the University of East Anglia (2023)


Awante les pibis/Power 2 Youth: Violence and Activism in Eartheater (2020), Julia Sanches’ Translation of Cometierra (2019) by Dolores Reyes. Version, Subversion: Translation, the Canon and its Discontents at Universidade do Porto (2022)


Nunca tuve tanto miedo y nunca tuve tanto valor: resistiendo masculinidades violentas en Chicas muertas (2014). PILAS Annual Conference at University of Cambridge (2022)


Del exilio al activismo antirracista: la traducción de Cristina Peri Rossi en los Estados Unidos. Un análisis de Estado de exilio y la versión estadounidense. AHGBI Annual Conference at University of London (2022). Received the AHGBI Postgraduate Conference Grant.


Goemans, Elisabeth. “Bibliodiversity in Subsidized Translations: Women’s Writing and Argentina’s PROSUR Grants (2010-2022)”. STRIDON: Studies in Translation and Interpreting, vol. 3, no. 2, 2, Nov. 2023, pp. 83–104.  

Goemans, Elisabeth et al. “International teachers and the lack of teachers with a migration background. The case of Flanders” in International Teachers for Tomorrow’s School. Opportunities and challenges of the professional re-entry of international teachers with and without a refugee background, edited by Renate Schüssler, Silke Hachmeister, Nadine Auner, Katrijn D’Herdt and Oliver Holz, Waxmann, 2023.

Goemans, Elisabeth "La literatura del desplazamiento en traducción: Cristina Peri Rossi y las traducciones al inglés." Revista Letral, vol. 15, no. 1, 2022, pp. 90-110. https://doi.org/10.30827/rl.vi29.24368


Goemans, Elisabeth. “Hoe gaan we onze zonen opvoeden?” De Standaard, 7 June 2023, http://surl.li/ipsoa. Opinion piece on male violence for a Belgian quality newspaper