Dr. Yue Hu

Lecturer in Photovoltaic Materials Chemistry

  • School of Chemistry

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Room 108
University of Edinburgh
Joseph Black Building
David Brewster Road

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Research summary

photovoltaics, metal halide perovskites, carbon electrodes, nanomaterials

Research Overview

Our research is focused on the chemistry and physics of materials for photovoltaic applications. We develop rational strategies for chemical synthesis and investigate fundamental structure-property relationships, especially through device fabrication and characterization. A chemist's approach to functional materials is to build from the bottom up and control the atomic and nanoscale structures drawing from extensive chemical knowledge of the material systems. We are particularly interested in understanding, and improving, photovoltaic devices based on metal halide perovskite semiconductors. The research in our lab is highly interdisciplinary in nature. Many research projects will involve collaborations within the group, with other research groups in the school, or with physicists and/or engineers on or off Edinburgh campus. Students from a variety of backgrounds are welcome and encouraged to contribute to the exciting and fruitful research in this multidisciplinary setting.