Dr Yanni Zeng

Research data analyst



Dr Yanni Zeng is a postdoctoral researcher at the MRC Human Genetics Unit. Yanni studied Biology in East China Normal University in Shanghai and Kunming Institute of Zoology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Kunming, and undertook her PhD in psychiatric genetics, supervised by Prof. Andrew Mcintosh from the division of psychiatry and Prof. Chris Haley from IGMM, University of Edinburgh(UK). In 2016 she joined Chris Haley’s group. Her current research interest focuses in genetic and environmental determination of DNA methylation and its impact on complex traits.


2013.10-2016.11    The Division of Psychiatry, University of Edinburgh                                                                                                PhD(Molecular and Clinical Medicine)

2010.9-2013.6    Joint training by kiz of CAS and East China Normal University(Kunming/Shanghai,China)                       Master(Zoology)

2006.9-2010.6    School of Life Science, East China Normal University(Shanghai,China)                                                              Bachelor (Major: Biological science)

2007.9-2010.6    School of Law, East China Normal University(Shanghai,China)                                                                              Bachelor (Minor: Law)