Dr Stevie Anne Bain

Postdoctoral researcher in Bioinformatics Education


I am a Postdoctoral Research Associate in Bioinformatics Education. I design, deliver, and evaluate bioinformatics workshops for secondary school pupils and teachers across Scotland. Our project (https://4273pi.org) aims to create educational workshops that promote an understanding of bioinformatics and its relevance to the curriculum and beyond (e.g. health, food safety). Our workshop for Higher Biology, Higher Human Biology, and Advanced Higher Biology uses bioinformatics to introduce computational science. We use free research resources online and the Linux command line on Raspberry Pi computers and take these into schools. I have also designed and implemented a new workshop for National 4 and National 5 pupils, using bioinformatics to investigate food fraud. This not only has a strong public engagement component but also reinforces core elements of the syllabus such as DNA and genetics. Whole-class activities provide an excellent opportunity to reach low science capital audiences across areas that may not have reasonable access to a University or Science Centre (e.g. remote, rural, and/or low-income areas). 


PhD in Evolutionary Biology (2014-2018)