Dr Peter Foley (PhD)

Consultant Neurologist and Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer


Research roles:

Invisible symptoms (such as pain, fatigue and others) can be a major source of distress for people with neurological conditions and are extremely common. Yet often we do not know why they happen, and how they are related to the underlying neurological condition.

I completed a PhD analysing the role of brain mechanisms in the modulation of neuropathic pain, for people with relapsing remitting multipe sclerosis. This research used various methods including neuroimaging and neuropsychological asesssments, and was carried out in collaboration with the University of Oxford.

I am developing a programme of research focussed on difficult symptoms in neurological disorders, including pain. I am interested in trying to work out why difficult symptoms occur, what they tell us about the underlying neurological condition, and ultimately what can be done to help people with these distressing problems.

I am the principal investigator in Lothian for the Enroll-HD international cohort study.


Clinical Roles:

I am a consultant neurologist in NHS Lothian. My clinical training was in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee.

General Neurology

Multiple Sclerosis

Lead consultant, Huntingtons Disease management service, NHS Lothian.



MRCP (Neurology)

Responsibilities & affiliations

Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences

Anne Rowling Regenerative Neurology Clinic