Dr Marcus D Wilson

Henry Dale Fellow / Academic lead cryo-EM facility

  • Wellcome Centre for Cell Biology
  • Institute Quantitive Biology Biochemistry and Biotechnology

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Michael Swann Building (room 4.22)
Kings Buildings

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2018                     Sir Henry Dale Fellow and Lecturer in Structural Cell Biology, Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology. University of Edinburgh

2016-2018         Postdoctoral Fellow, Francis Crick Research Institute, London

2015 – 2016      Visiting Scientist, SickKids Research Institute, Toronto, Canada

2014                     Visiting Scientist, University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA

2013 – 2016      Post-doctoral Researcher, Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute, Toronto, Canada


2009 – 2013      Ph.D., Biochemistry (UCL) at CRUK - London Research Institute

2005 – 2009      MBiochem in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry at Oxford University

Research summary

We are interested in understanding how epigenetic marks are placed, read and interpreted on chromatin. We then use our defined modified chromatin to study individual nucleosome-chromatin protein complexes using single-particle cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM),  Biochemical, Biophysical and Cell Biology approaches to investigate histone marks and DNA methylation.

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