Dr Manos Tsakiris

Teaching Fellow in Greek


I come from Rhodes, Greece. I completed my undergraduate studies at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, with an exchange semester at Royal Holloway, University of London. I then completed a master's degree and a PhD in Classics at the University of Edinburgh. My doctoral thesis investigated the generic identity of the Argonautica by the Hellenistic poet Apollonius of Rhodes. Yes, Rhodes like the place I come from, and no, this is not the reason I chose Apollonius (I think!), but the quality of his poetry!

I have previously taught for the Classical Association of Scotland and for the University of Glasgow's Short Courses.

I currently also hold a postdoctoral fellowship at the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities at the University of Edinburgh.

Responsibilities & affiliations

Teaching Fellow in Greek

Undergraduate teaching

Tragedy (CLTR10003)

Classical Literature 2: Greek and Roman Epic (CLTR08008)

Greek 1D/2B (GREE08006/08008)


Postgraduate teaching

Elementary Greek 1

Research summary

I am particularly interested in Hellenistic poetry (Apollonius of Rhodes and Theocritus) and Greek epic poetry of the imperial era (Triphiodorus, Quintus of Smyrna), as well as cognitive humanities.

Current research interests

I currently hold a postdoctoral fellowship at the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities of the University of Edinburgh. My project, entitled 'A Cognitive Re-evaluation of Space in Hellenistic Poetry' aims to investigate space and the spatial experience as depicted, described and otherwise evoked in the poetry of Hellenistic poets Theocritus and Apollonius Rhodius (3rd century BCE) with methodological tools developed from phenomenology, cognitive science, philology and narratology.


Journal Articles

Tsakiris, M. (2022), ‘Triphiodorus’ Sack of Troy and the Poetics of Cassandra’, The Classical Quarterly 72.1, 355-71. (https://doi.org/10.1017/S0009838822000349).

Tsakiris, M. (2022), ‘From Troy to Colchis: The “Argonautic Cycle” of Apollonius of Rhodes’, Classics@ 21, 3: The Kyklos Project (Proceedings of the Kyklos 2021 Conference, The Center for Hellenic Studies, Harvard University). (https://classics-at.chs.harvard.edu/from-troy-to-colchis-the-argonautic-cycle-of-apollonius-rhodius)



Tsakiris, M. (forthcoming), Review of Lorenzo Calafiore, Lucia Pallaracci, Giulia Vitali, Cassandra: immaginari letterari e figurativi. Quaderni di Otium, 5. Rome: Giorgio Bretschneider Editore, BMCR.

Tsakiris, M. (2022), Review of Serena Cannavale, Lorenzo Miletti, Mario Regali, I luoghi delle Muse. La funzione dello spazio nella fondazione e nel rinnovamento dei generi letterari greciDiotima volume 5. Baden-Baden: Academia Verlag, 2021. (BMCR 2022.04.27)