Dr Iain A. Wright

Senior Lecturer in Materials Chemistry

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Room 283
University of Edinburgh
Joseph Black Building
David Brewster Road

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Research summary

Organic and organometallic optoelectronic materials, polycyclic aromatics and nanographenes, electrochemistry and electrosynthesis, photocatalysis, emerging energy technologies

Research Overview

The Wright Group focusses on the target driven synthesis of new molecules with complex geometries to study the implications of three-dimensional shape on their optical and electronic properties.

In the context of organic electronic devices this might be to optimise parameters such as charge transport in organic field effect transistors, absorption of sunlight and reducing recombination in organic solar cells, improving quantum efficiencies and colour tuning in organic light emitting devices and photocatalysts.

We embrace synthetic chemistry in all forms with ongoing projects focussed on novel heterocyclic, organometallic and polycyclic aromatic compounds.