Dr Fabio Nudelman

Senior Lecturer

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Room 259
University of Edinburgh
Joseph Black Building
David Brewster Road

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Research summary

Biogenic minerals, organic-inorganic hybrid materials, protein-crystal interactions, (cryo)electron microscopy, soft matter

Research Overview

Biomineralization: understanding how organisms make bone, teeth, shells and more

In nature, organisms from all 5 kingdoms produce more than 60 different minerals that fulfill a wide variety of functions. Examples are magnetite particles used by bacteria to navigate through Earth’s magnetic field; shells and coral skeletons that give protection to the animals; and vertebrate bone that provide mechanical support and protection for the body. We are interested in understanding how organisms control the precipitation of minerals to produce such mineralized tissues with well controlled shapes and properties. This is a very exciting and multidisciplinary area that combines elements from chemistry, biology and material sciences.

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