Dr Corinna Panagou

Clinical Fellow in Psychological Therapies

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School of Health in Social Science
The University of Edinburgh
Doorway 6
Elsie Inglis Quadrangle
Teviot Place

Edinburgh, UK
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BSc in Psychology

BA in Classics, Literature & Linguistics

MSc in Children and Young People’s Mental Health and Psychological Practice

MSc in Psychological Therapy in Primary Care

MA in Comparative Literature

Doctorate in Clinical Psychology DClinPsychol


Research summary

My research interests revolve around the effects of adverse childhood experiences across the lifespan and the pathways to resilience. Negative historical experiences can be potent influencing later physical and psychological wellbeing. Despite the fact that the link between childhood adversity and mental health outcomes is well-substantiated, less well understood are the mechanisms via which childhood adversity confers risk for mental health difficulties. I am interested in further investigating mechanisms linking ACEs and child/adult mental health outcomes. I am also interested in the conceptualization, measurement and screening of ACEs in child/adult health care settings. Within the evolving landscape of research, as the focus shifts from identifying the enduring consequences of early adversity to investigating the routes leading to resilience, a critical imperative emerges: mental health care providers must cultivate a robust comprehension of ACEs. Furthermore, it becomes increasingly vital to establish trauma-informed care systems that prioritize coping skills and the facilitation of resilience. My ultimate goal is to contribute to the growing body of knowledge that informs preventive and therapeutic interventions for individuals who have experienced adversity in childhood. I am keen to supervise studies in these general areas.