Dr Ben Arenas

Physical Chemistry Lecturer in Education

Research summary

Chemistry education; enquiry-based learning; equality, diversity, and inclusion in education; evaluating approaches to education; astrochemistry; molecular spectroscopy

Research Overview

Following a PhD and postdoctoral research experience in using high-resolution rotational spectroscopy and electrical discharge experiments for applications in astrochemistry and molecular structure determination, I now focus on the design, delivery, and evaluation of (physical chemistry) learning activities in undergraduate and postgraduate taught chemistry curricula.

My chemistry education research portfolio includes topics such as enquiry-based learning in practical chemistry courses, characterising and optimising learning environments such as the undergraduate teaching laboratory (particularly through the lens of inclusivity), and evaluating the effectiveness of learning activities. My research is performed in collaboration with final-year project students and other education-focussed academics in the School of Chemistry, with links more widely in the College of Science and Engineering at the University of Edinburgh and other institutions throughout the UK.