Dr Alex Imrie (MA (Hons), MScR, PhD, FHEA)

Tutor in Classics

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School of History, Classics & Archaeology
William Robertson Wing, Old Medical School
Teviot Place

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  • Office Hours are Thursdays 2pm - 3pm (By Appointment, please email)


Born and raised here in the city, Edinburgh is my family home as well as my academic one. The first in my family to attend university, I completed my undergraduate degree in Ancient History at Edinburgh in 2007. After a couple years working in retail management, specializing in kilts and highlandwear, no less, I returned to pursue the MSc by Research in Classics in 2009. Immediately thereafter, thanks to good fortune in receiving some funding, I proceeded to undertake my PhD in Classics, graduating in 2015. I started working as a Graduate Teaching Assistant during my doctorate and have worked as a Tutor in Classics since then, serving periodically as a Teaching Fellow within the department, moreover. I have also worked at the University of St Andrews as a Tutor (2015-16) and as a Research Associate (2019-21). Alongside my teaching roles, I have worked as the Scottish regional co-ordinator for the charity Classics for All since 2017. Outside academia, I am an avid boardgamer and father to two young boys who continue to be more interested in dinosaurs than the Romans.

Responsibilities & affiliations

Classical Association of Scotland: Secretary (2023 - Present); National Outreach Co-ordinator  (2018-2023).

Classical Association Teaching Board: CAS Representative (2019 - Present)

Classics Development Group: CAS Representative (2019 - Present)

Classics for All: Scottish Regional Network Organiser (2018 - Present)

Scottish Qualifications Authority: National Qualification Support Team Member for Classical Languages (2018 - Present) and Classical Studies (2022 - Present)



Undergraduate teaching

  • Ancient History 2a: Past and Present in the Ancient World
  • Ancient History 2b: Themes and Theories in Ancient History
  • The Greek World 1b: Greece's New Horizons
  • The Roman World 1a: The Rise of Rome
  • The Roman World 1b: The Roman Empire
  • The Severans

Past PhD students supervised

Hotalen, Christina - PhD - Embodying the Empire: Imperial Women and the Evolution of Succession Ideologies in the Third Century - Committee & Examining Chair - Awarded 2020, University of South Florida.

Research summary


  • Europe
  • Mediterranean
  • North Africa
  • Near East


  • Ancient Civilisations
  • Imperialism
  • Political History
  • Material Culture
  • Classics Education in Scotland


  • Antiquity

Current research interests

My primary research interests concern the history of the Severan era (AD 193-235). I am currently writing a biography of the emperor Caracalla, and am working on an article (co-written with Matilda Brown) on the factionalism within the later Severan court. I am also interested in the ways that the historian Cassius Dio reacts to the events of the Severan era, and how he articulates his political outlook throughout the span of his 80-book Roman History. Recently, I have also become more interested in the history of Classics teaching in Scotland, and how this impacts on current practice.

Invited speaker

2023: 'The Gods of the Severans: Imperial Religiosity in an Age of Transition', University of Aberdeen Religious Studies Postgraduate Seminars

2022: 'Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know: Researching the Severan Era and its Key Players', Open University Masters Researcher Day

2021: 'The Severan Dynasty', Imperial Power in the Roman World, York St John University

2021: 'Transfusing Classics: Campaigning to Expand and Diversify from Within', What Have the Ancients Ever Done for Us? Conference, Trinity College Dublin

2020: 'Keeping it in the Family: Re-evaluating the Role of the Emesene Severans', Edinburgh University Classics Seminar Series (co-presented with Matilda Brown)

2019: 'Fake News, a Birther Scandal, and the First Lady's Sex Life: Snapshots from the Severan Era', Scottish Council of Independent Schools Classics Conference

2012: ‘Why was it introduced? A reinterpretation of the constitutio Antoniniana/La Constitución de Caracalla: razones de su promulgación; un reexamen', Roman Empire Symposium: The Constitutio Antoninana (212-2012), Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Lima

Papers delivered

2023: 'Bruce and the Spider: The Fight to Return Classics to Scotland’s Classrooms’, Classical Association Conference, Cambridge

2023: 'Wha's Like Us? Using Ancient Voices to Build a Modern Community', Classical Association Conference, Cambridge

2022: 'The Severans in Scotland', Classical Association of Scotland Ancient Voices Summer Programme, Edinburgh

2021: 'Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves: The Later Severan Women as Imperial Power Brokers', Women in Ancient Cultures Conference, London (co-delivered with Matilda Brown)

2019: 'Classics and Gaming', Classical Association of Scotland Ancient Voices Summer Programme, Edinburgh

2018: 'The Ghost of Alexander: Literary Influences on the Emperor Caracalla', Greek and Roman Pasts in the Long Second Century: The Intellectual Climate of Cassius Dio, Banff AB

2017: 'The Eternal City at War: Depictions of Rome During Civil War in Cassius Dio', Cassius Dio: The Impact of Violence, War, and Civil War, Aalborg

2016: 'Friends in Low Places: The Antonine Constitution as a Tool of Patronage', Classical Association Conference, Edinburgh

2016: 'The Severan Sejanus? Parallels Between Plautianus and Sejanus in Cassius Dio', Cassius Dio: Method and Approaches, Odense

2014: 'He Suddenly Became Alexander: Caralla, Alexander the Great and the Historicity of the 'Macedonian Phalanx'', Ancient Warfare Conference, Aberystwyth

2013: 'The Treasonous Caesar: The Involvement of P. Septimius Geta in the Assassination Plot of AD 205', AMPAH, Cambridge

2013: 'The Case of the Missing Letter: A Re-appraisal of the Fall of Plautianus', STAGE Conference, Glasgow

2012: 'A Manipulative Matriarch? Re-evaluating the Image of Julia Domna', Classical Association Conference, Exeter

More video

In the press

2022: 'The Severans', Two Friends Talk History [podcast]

2021: 'The Rise of Caracalla', The Ancients (History Hit) [podcast]

2021: 'Alexander Mania? Caracalla's Macedonian Phalanx', The Ancients (History Hit) [podcast]


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