Dina Tataran

Thesis title: Analysis of dynamics of body composition using computerised tomography scans and their association to molecular taxonomy in pancreatic cancer


Dina is a first year Precision Medicine DTP PhD student, based at the University of Glasgow.

Dina completed an Integrated Masters in Cellular and Molecular Medicine at the University of Bristol, where she completed two research projects, one focusing on investigating the roles of Rho GTPases in prostate cancer, and the second focusing on STAT3-mediated lysosomal cell death in post-lactational regression of the mammary gland. 


MSci Cellular and Molecular Medicine - University of Bristol

Research summary

cancer biology, pancreatic cancer, stratified medicine

Current research interests

Dina's research project will focus on carrying out analysis of pancreatic tumour profiles in correlation with CT scan image analysis, to examine body composition and systemic inflammation markers to define genetic characteristics and genomic aberrations. This is to characterise potential molecular patterns that may contribute to clinical phenotypes of pancreatic cancer, and subsequently define key biological pathways underpinning each phenotype identified. These relationships will then be ranked based on prognosis, and findings will be further validated in patient cohort data to confirm clinical relevance, in order to try and predict patient outcome.